Competition Winners

“Gabriel Garcia Marquez”
The COLOMBIAN CULTURAL ASSOCIATION IN AUSTRALIA permits itself to inform all interested parties of the results of the selection of the winning stories by the Qualifying Jury.
Winning Story: Encuentro (Encounter)
Author: Ariel Alberto Días. Pseudonym: Saltabardales.
Second Place: Los Guardians de Bomborí (The Guardians of Bomborí).
Author: María del Pilar Torres. Pseudonym: Suyay
Third Place: La Maldición de Caín (The Curse of Cain)
Author: Alfonso Pliego Santos. Pseudonym: Uombat
Due to the high quality of the works presented, the Jury unanimously decided to award three Honourable Mentions to the following stories:
First Honourable Mention: Nana del Adiós
Author: Nuria García González. Pseudonym: Dan Infante
Second Honourable Mention: La Llamada (The Call).
Author: César Tordoya. Pseudonym: UnBuddha
Third Honourable Mention: El Fuego y las Caléndulas Fire and Marigolds
Author: Mario Andrés Arcos. Pseudonym: Bolgus Zildrojar
The Colombian Cultural Association in Australia congratulates the winners and significantly thanks all those who, for the sake of literature, were kind enough to participate with their stories, extolling the quality of this contest and contributing to the success of our literary contest.
The awards ceremony will take place on February 24 at 7pm (Sydney time, Australia) and will be broadcast via Zoom.

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